Dear collector friends,

We are three enthusiasts who fulfil a long-cherished wish - our own figure shop. For all of you who have never heard from us before, we would like to introduce ourselves.

Massimo Costa was born in Piesantra (Italy) in 1959 and, as a small child, was interested in toy soldiers, which have since accompanied him throughout his life.

He lived in Switzerland for a long time before moving back to Italy in 2009. At this point he found his old hobby again. Massimo has always been enthusiastic about the figures of his friend and mentor Bill Horan. Using the 1/72 figures in his collection, he began to convert plastic figures. The conversions got more and more complex until the point where he sculpted his own figures.

In 2013, his first self-modelled figures came to the public via Hagen miniatures.

This was followed by further work for Germania Miniaturen, Waterloo1815 and some others. At this time he also started to produce figures under his own label, sold in special boxes for collectors - "42nd Blackwatch Miniatures" was born. As Homage to Massimo we took over this name.

Patrick Ullrich - who doesn't know him? Every German-speaking collector has heard terms such as "Dioramica", "Cröbern Diorama", "Solferino Project" and much more. In the past, many collectors were able to admire these dioramas in Patrick's own museum. Patrick is simply the "maker" :-) And what I'm particularly jealous of - he has space for it! If you want to find out more about Patrick, have a look at his homepage and register for the forum.

Uwe Wild - what should I say to myself? When I was still in kindergarten, my mother painted plastic figures for toy manufacturers. When I was five years old, my parents asked me what I wanted for Christmas. My answer was "paint my cowboy and Indian figures". They did, it was the best Christmas I ever had and since that day I started painting figures myself.

Now after almost 50 years I'm still doing it. Many are familiar with our annual dioramas, which began 1998 with the Gettysburg project.

Over time I came up with new ideas and wanted special figures that weren't available on the market. I paid various modellers to get what I needed.

After a while I got to know Massimo and shortly afterwards we produced the first figures together with Andreas Brune under the label of Hagen-Miniatures.

If you want to find out more about all these diorama projects and figures, you can find my blog at

As Blackwatch Miniatures we have now teamed up to make our dreams come true. We will primarily produce figures that we need for future diorama projects and, in addition, series that have already been started in previous years into complete ranges. Many figures have been revised and reshaped and we cooperate with a new Caster from Spain.. We want to offer a high quality standard here. The figures will also be delivered in boxes in the future. We look forward to your suggestions for future sets.